Hammy's Big Christmas Gift

$69.00 $35.00

For Christmas this year, Sir Lewis Hamilton (@sir_lewis_hamilton) 

the bear, or Hammy for short, is rounding up 200 mini-me bears for the important task of being the surprise Christmas gift to 200 children at the Monash Children's Hospital this Christmas.

By purchasing this $35 bear it will be donated to a child at Monash Children's Hospital in Melbourne with help from the Starlight Children's Foundation.

As you know, the lockdown in Victoria has been a tough time for all Victorians, and it has certainly been tough for those who spent that time in hospital. With this big Christmas gift, Hammy hopes he can bring some love and support to children in hospital through gifting them a mini-Hammy bear. 

We have told our mini-me bears just how important their task is and they are working hard. For 6 weeks straight they have been completing a tough training program of lifting weights, doing star jumps, and practicing their smiles and hugs to bring as much love and support as they can to their future child companion.

However, Hammy and our mini-me bears can't do this alone. They need your help! 

Buying a bear for a child in hospital this Christmas will make this happen!

Please show your support and help Hammy bear make his dream of Hammy's Big Christmas Gift a reality!

Don't know who Hammy the bear is? Check out Sir Lewis Hamilton on instagram.

Finer details:

- We have cut the cost of these bears by half as a way to make mini-me bears more accessible to more donors. The remaining price covers our lean costs to offer these bears for purchase, and get these bears to the hospitals.

- We are working with the Starlight Children's Foundation who are helping us get these bears to children at the Monash Children's Hospital in Melbourne. Where the number of bears donated exceed the number of children at this hospital, the Starlight foundation will find a loving home for these bears across their other programs.

- The cut off date for purchasing a bear is the 15th of December 2020, and the bears will be gifted in the 2 weeks after pending confirmation from the Starlight Children's Foundation and the time to send the bears to Melbourne. 

- Hammy will do his best to get a photo of him or Captain Starlight at the hospitals giving the bears to either the children or the nurses however this is entirely depending upon COVID-19 restrictions.

- If the 200 bears sell out, please do let us know if you must give a bear too! We will need to figure out stock availability or potentially gifting a different bear if stock of the mini-me bear is unavailable. Thank you for your understanding on this.